Monday, August 31, 2009

I just got back from the Museum of Modern Art aka MoMA where among other things I saw Stage Pictures: Drawing for Performance, an exhibit of sets and costumes designed for the stage by a number of well known artists.  You can find more information about the exhibit, which closes on September 7th, at  Right outside the entrance to the gallery there are two reconstructions of Picasso's costumes for the 1917 Ballets Russes production of Parade:  The French Manager and the Horse's head, plus, and here's the must-see part, video excepts from the Joffrey Ballet's 1973 revival of the work.   The Horse segment for two male dancers is a wonder and a delight.  If you can get over to MoMA to see it, by all means do so.  It's almost worth the price of admission by itself.  And for those of you who insist that everything be related to bellydance, compare and contrast with the Egyptian cabaret horse act.  The Joffrey's blog has a write up on the exhibit at

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