Monday, March 02, 2009

New Blog: Age of Iron

Update to this post:  Life is a funny thing:  Stuff is always getting in the way of stuff, especially good intentions.  For the time being this is the Blog and Age of Iron is an ambitious work in progress that one of these days I'm going to really get after.  That will be one of these days after I've finish pulling up the carpet, raising kittens, raising various kinds of hell, and cleaning out my closets both physical and metaphorical.

Besides, Age of Iron is a WordPress blog and requires more web effort than I'm prepared expend lately.  If you are a decent writer with a strong point of view re belly dance and performance arts issues I'd love to hear from you about getting something going over there.  I want to take on the scene locally and maybe nationally or even globally but not all by myself.  I also plan on having a personal component to it. You know what I mean-- yada yada and wtf stuff.

I've started a successor, somewhat more generally focused, blog entitled Age of Iron. You're welcome to come over and check it out.

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